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CP TARGHE is the direct descendant of C. Paccagnini founded in 1904.

We work mainly for the automotive market, realizingemblems and inserts for inside and outside the car.
The main products are the hubcap emblems, the sill and emblems for airbags.
We use mainly aluminum, "light" and recyclable material,which lends itself to be "transformed" to meet all designrequirements.
All phases, from the preparation of frames and molds, through screen printing, painting and following in mechanical processing of embossing, cutting, bending are carried out internally
Great atention is reserved for special finishing department that guarantee a quality of brushing either radial and/or concentric at the highest level
The laboratory allows us to perform all the necessary tests to ensure the absolute quality of our products
On top of the automotive market we manufacture products for other market sectors, primarily food & beverage, enhancing our clients' brands.
Our structure and internal organization ensures flexibility for all kinds of requests for advice, design,sampling, production and additional services.
Our production lines, highly automated, are able to meet the most disparate requirements in terms of bothquality and volume
We're certified ISO 9001 and in the process to get IATF
Modified 08 october 2020
CPtarghe srl Via Alcide De Gasperi, 144Mazzo di Rho - MI -
+39 02 939044148
P.iva 08423050965
Cap soc € 19607,84 REA 2025055 CCIAA Milano ATECO 259999 DUNS NUMBER 43672378

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